Smart City

The 2014 Beijing Design Week Smart City will be held at the China Millennium Monument from September 26th to October 3rd. The event is themed around “Urban Future, Smart Design” and cored with “city” element will be exhibited to the visitors. It includes five sections, the Launch of Smart City Innovation Centre, the Smart City Symposium, the Smart City Publication, the Smart City Planning and Design Exhibition Series and the Smart City Event, which bring together resources and form a service platform for future Smart City Expo. This activity is jointly hosted by Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee and Digital City Engineering Research Center of Chinese Society for Urban Studies of MOHURD, and co-organized by Zhongcheng Urban Planning and Design Academy Co. Ltd. and Beijing Gehua - Bluerock Digital Arts Co., Ltd.

Smart City is a kind of city construction system centered on economic and dwelling ecology integrated with development concept. The Smart City section hopes to effectively connect government, enterprises, research institutes and public and invite people to review the history, feel the present and freely imagine the future development from the city planning and design perspective, in order to provide development suggestion for Beijing future smart city construction and help Beijing to become a “livable and creative capital”. The centre is an international think tank and an open exchange platform for enterprises and government on smart city development. The Smart City Innovation Centre provides design and management consulting service for smart city pilots in planning, development, operation and maintenance.