Film Festival

Launching as a pilot program in 2014, BJDW Film Festival is a brand new initiative set to expand the investigation of contemporary design discourse and practice that shape our living scapes, and how narratives of production, representation and imaging are complicit in their social and cultural formulation.

BJDW Film Festival is an open platform of critical and professional discussion where processes of ‘making’ – be those places, objects or images, are explored as collaborative environments of multi-disciplinary interaction, to unveil how they are mutually influenced and manipulated, and eventually bringing the public closer to the figures and stories behind them. The program serves as a place of encounter where China-based perspectives and challenges are confronted across an international expanse.

BJDW Film Festival 2014 is a 6 days series of debates, exhibitions and workshops with its central hub in the Orange at Taikoo Li Sanlitun South, and it is organized in cooperation with the China International Film Festival London.

Lectures and public talks are curated in collaboration with two international program partners, the acclaimed Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) and Milano Design Film Festival (MDFF).

With workshops, academic discussions and performances, the program features 5 key thematic areas: Whose City? (beyond urban and rural divides, with a special curated section by AFFR titled ‘We Are the City’), Storytellers (iconic and lesser-known figures from times present and past), Chinese Reels (a subject driven program taking China as its focus), Green is Not a Colour (around sustainability agendas and new social and community-driven enterprises) and Design on Celluloid (a miscellanea of intriguing personal histories, innovation case studies and world geographies).

Overall these perspectives offer in-depth look into specific, far reaching experiences that contextualize the ‘workings’ of design as constitutively embedded in the evolution of knowledge and its pervasiveness in all process of enquiry that lead to its formation.

Time: 9.25-9.30 (10:00-22:00)
Location: The Orange, Taikoo Li Sanlitun South
Co-Organizer: China International Film Festival London
Architecture Design: Chiasmus, Beijing (James Ke Wei and Lee Hyunho)
Program Partners: Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam and Milano Design Film Festival
Sponsors: Camerich
Visual Identity and Catalogue Design: LAVA Design Agency