1KM-HIGH Urban-Rural Habitat

Urban-Rural China
A staggering 150 million acres of arable land in China were devoured by the hunger of urbanization from 1996 to 2013. It's frightening to witness the scarring of the earth's surface as about 8% of China’s arable land is forever transformed by our blindly expanding cities. Nationwide, only a portion of the land is released by the government every year, far from enough to satisfy the needs of development. The urban-rural dichotomy has always played a vital role in understanding present day China. The dynamism between these two ends has helped shape the entire social-political landscape of the country. Can we bring rural life into the city? Can we create urban convenience in the countryside? Or can we come up with a novel alternative that blends the advantages of the two?

Organizer: standardarchitecture, Camerich, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Designers: Zhang Ke, Wang Shuo, Bao We, Shen Yuying, Liu Dongyuan, Yin Yue, Ma Ling, Cai Chen, Zhang Naibing, Zhang Xiaowei, Xu Donglei, Xu Ying, Li Peiming, Chen Xiaodong, Yang Liangsong
Curator: Zhang Ke, Wang Shuo, Bao Wei
Sponsor: Camerich
Date: 9.26-10.03
Address: YMZ 53#