• BJDW 2013

Open Ceremony

Theme: Beijing: A Night for Design
Time: 9.26 18:00-22:00
Venue: the south square of China Millennium Monument

Content: Carrying on the simple style of Beijing Design Week 2013, the opening ceremony consists of sections that are both creative and functional, including “the road of design”, “nameplate-inlaying ceremony of Beijing Design Awards”, “Beijing Light of Design’s lighting ceremony”, “the magic horse” of Barcelona, this year’s guest city, “project promotions and Beijing: A Night for Design” etc. The activities seek to present a global gathering of creativity and an communication platform for design.

17:30-18:30 Entrance of the guests
18:30-19:30 Road of design
19:30-19:40 Nameplate-inlaying ceremony for 2013
                  Beijing Design Awards’ winners
19:40-19:45 Announcement of 2014 Classic Design Award
19:45-19:50 Light of Design’s lighting ceremony
19:50-20:00 Magic Horse from Bacarlona
20:00-22:00 Beijing: A Night for Design

section one: road of design
It is a regular section of Beijing Design Week’s opening ceremony to have designers walk on the road of design. On that particular day, the bronze passage will be used as the road of design, where representatives of famous design institutions both home and abroad as well as design masters will walk by and greet the media and audience.

section two: the inlaying of nameplates
It is Beijing Design Week’s plan to make a list of last year’s award winners into nameplates inlaid on the east side of the bronze passage of China Millennium Monument’s Harmony Square for permanent display. On the night of opening ceremony, winner of 2014 Classic Design Award will be announced and the nameplate-inlaying ceremony of the winner in 2013 will be held. Those attending the ceremony include leaders of Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee, award winners, famous designers and design institutions from home and abroad as well as the media.

section three: Light of Design’s lighting ceremony
After the nameplates are properly inlaid, the Light of Design lighting ceremony will be launched, on which occasion the light will be projected to top of China Millennium Monument through special devices. Eventually the light of design will be activated so that the building will also radiate light.

sections four: tour of the Magic Horse from Bacarlona
A performance from the Magic Horse from this year’s guest city Barcelona will be presented at the bronze passage as well. Design and produced by a famous design company in Spain, the horse is made of recycled steel through further design and assemblage. Along with the music and dancing performance, it will be the centre of attention that night.

section five: Beijing: A Night for Design
On both sides of the passage there will be eight zones for business negotiations, namely the guest city, smart city, design talent, design hop, design copyright, design trading, design finance and design consumption. Di"erent sections of Beijing Design Week will be presented on the occasion. Food, drinks and music performance will also be provided to facilitate the guests’ communication.